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In an effort to prevent the recurrence of unfortunate incidents in any Varsity, Reserve, or Freshmen contest, the Executive Committee is requesting that Unsporting Behavior Reports, with a description of the ejection/incident, be submitted to the IHSAA office by licensed officials involved with: Any student-athlete or coach who is ejected from a contest including the reason, or any player or coach who displays unsporting behavior requiring the assessment of a penalty. For further assistance, contact the IHSAA at the number below.

  Person Reported          
             First             Last Number School Player/Coach Ejection UnSporting Penalty Reason
Offending Individuals:  
Contest Date:  xx/xx/xxxx  Location:        
Contest Info:  Home: Visitors:        
  Gender: Level:        
 Reporting Official: First Name: Last Name:     E-Mail:  
Assigner (Optional):      
Describe the situation that led up to the ejection or incident. Include the specific reason for any action taken as well as any unusual circumstances that may have occurred. Also include any relative events that took place after the incident.
  I verify that all of the information above is accurate:
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